25 мая 2024
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Professional shooting in 360 format and VR – advantages

360° videos are spherical movies. This is a new technology that has revolutionized the video industry. Thanks to a special image capture method, the viewer decides which direction they want to look in when watching a movie. Syncing the cameras means that all the points around you are recorded simultaneously. Thanks to this, no situation will escape the camera lens.

VR and video 360 videos are created using at least two cameras that simultaneously capture different points of space. After recording, the image from the cameras is stitched together in a specialized computer program. After combining the image into a single whole, the 360° movie can be displayed in virtual reality glasses, on a computer or smartphone.

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What is the difference between 360-degree video and VR?

360-degree videos are often confused with virtual reality, which is another category of spherical videos. Both videos are designed to give viewers an experience and interaction. Although they both look the same, there are a few differences between them.

Virtual reality relies on computer software to create a virtual or digital environment, while 360-degree video is a harbinger of the real world and is recorded using 360-degree cameras.

Videos that can be viewed in a 360-degree range progress on a timeline created by camera movements. VR movies go through a series of events. They are like an unknown world.

The viewer can move up, down, left, or right when viewing a 360-degree video. But with virtual reality, the experience is endless.

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The main difference is that to view VR content, you will need a tethered VR headset or mobile phone, and to view 360-degree content, you do not need a special device that can be viewed on any compatible device with a 360-degree movie.

Both spherical films are designed to captivate the audience in a new and fresh way. It is considered one of the most effective tools for marketers who want to widely showcase their products or services.


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